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[SND]01-Introduction.mp313-Dec-2010 21:29 15M 
[SND]02-Matthew5_3-6 1st-4th Beatitudes.mp313-Dec-2010 21:29 16M 
[SND]03-Matthew5_7-8 5th-6th Beatitudes.mp313-Dec-2010 21:27 15M 
[SND]04-Matthew5_9-12 7th-8th Beatitudes.mp313-Dec-2010 21:28 15M 
[SND]05-Matthew5_13-16 Salt and Light.mp313-Dec-2010 21:28 13M 
[SND]06-Matthew5_17 Law and Prophets-Part 1.mp313-Dec-2010 21:28 16M 
[SND]07-Matthew5_18-20 Law and Prophets-Part 2.mp313-Dec-2010 21:29 15M 
[SND]08-Matthew5_27-37 Adultery Divorce and Oaths.mp313-Dec-2010 21:27 16M 
[SND]09-Matthew5_38-42 Non Resistance of Evil.mp313-Dec-2010 21:29 16M 
[SND]10-Matthew5_21-28 Murder and Adultery.mp313-Dec-2010 21:29 16M 
[SND]11-Matthew5_43-6_18 Love of Enemies and Hypocrisy.mp313-Dec-2010 21:29 14M 
[SND]12-Matthew6_1-8 Charity Prayer and Fasting.mp313-Dec-2010 21:29 16M 
[SND]13-Matthew6_19-34 God of Money.mp313-Dec-2010 21:29 16M 
[SND]14-Matthew7.mp313-Dec-2010 21:29 15M 

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