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[SND]1. What is Replacement Theology_.mp313-Oct-2015 18:25 57M 
[SND]2. Abrahamic Covenant-1.mp329-Oct-2015 23:35 88M 
[SND]3. Abrahamic Covenant-2.mp329-Oct-2015 23:35 48M 
[SND]4. The Sinaitic Covenant 1.mp313-Oct-2015 18:25 77M 
[SND]5. The Davidic Covenant.mp329-Oct-2015 23:36 105M 
[SND]6. The Future of Israel 1.mp313-Oct-2015 18:26 64M 
[SND]7. The Future of Israel 2.mp313-Oct-2015 18:26 67M 
[SND]8. The Future of Israel 3.mp313-Oct-2015 18:26 41M 
[SND]9. The 70 Weeks—part 1.mp311-Nov-2015 15:01 97M 
[SND]10. The 70 Weeks—part 2.mp311-Nov-2015 15:01 82M 
[SND]11. Modern State 1.mp312-Jan-2016 10:22 77M 
[SND]12. Modern State 2.mp312-Jan-2016 10:22 62M 

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