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[SND]01-Introduction.mp313-Dec-2010 21:20 14M 
[SND]02-The Very Beginning.mp313-Dec-2010 21:19 15M 
[SND]03-Passing the Torch.mp313-Dec-2010 21:19 15M 
[SND]04-Persecution and Ecclesiastical Development.mp313-Dec-2010 21:19 15M 
[SND]05-Early Heresies.mp313-Dec-2010 21:19 15M 
[SND]06-The Canon of Scripture.mp313-Dec-2010 21:19 15M 
[SND]07-Early Theologians.mp313-Dec-2010 21:19 15M 
[SND]08-Romes Truce with the Church.mp313-Dec-2010 21:19 15M 
[SND]09-Defining Orthodoxy.mp313-Dec-2010 21:19 15M 
[SND]10-Augustines Influence and Contemporaries.mp313-Dec-2010 21:19 13M 
[SND]11-How Rome Became Papal.mp313-Dec-2010 21:19 12M 
[SND]12-15 Principal of the Middle Ages-Part 1.mp313-Dec-2010 21:20 12M 
[SND]13-15 Principal of the Middle Ages-Part 2.mp313-Dec-2010 21:20 11M 
[SND]14-15 Principal of the Middle Ages-Part 3.mp313-Dec-2010 21:20 9.5M 
[SND]15-The Persecuted Non conformists-Part 1.mp313-Dec-2010 21:20 8.3M 
[SND]16-The Persecuted Non conformists-Part 2.mp313-Dec-2010 21:20 9.7M 
[SND]17-Beginnings of the Reformation-Luther.mp313-Dec-2010 21:20 11M 
[SND]18-The Rise of the Radical Reformation.mp313-Dec-2010 21:20 15M 
[SND]19-The Spread of Anabaptism-Part 1.mp313-Dec-2010 21:20 11M 
[SND]20-The Spread of Anabaptism-Part 2.mp313-Dec-2010 21:20 13M 
[SND]21-The Life and Legacy of John Calvin.mp313-Dec-2010 21:21 16M 
[SND]22-Reform in France and England.mp313-Dec-2010 21:20 12M 
[SND]23-Reformation and Counter Reformation.mp313-Dec-2010 21:21 8.8M 
[SND]24-From Reform to Reason 1550-1650.mp313-Dec-2010 21:21 11M 
[SND]25-Enlightenment and Enrichment-Part 1.mp313-Dec-2010 21:21 14M 
[SND]26-Enlightenment and Enrichment-Part 2.mp313-Dec-2010 21:21 13M 
[SND]27-Revivals of the 19th Century.mp313-Dec-2010 21:21 16M 
[SND]28-The Birth of Modern Mission.mp313-Dec-2010 21:21 12M 
[SND]29-Liberalism and Fundamentalism.mp313-Dec-2010 21:21 15M 
[SND]30-Developments in the 20th Century.mp313-Dec-2010 21:19 16M 

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